We welcome those who are visiting our church. The Pastor and the Parish Council would like to invite you to make the Holy Trinity Church your spiritual home. You are cordially invited to take part in the Service and activities of our church. If you would like to be placed on our mailing list, please sign our Guest Book located in the Vestibule.

Please use the Divine Liturgy books that are found in the pew racks. These books contain the Armenian text as well as the English transliteration and translation in the second section. For your convenience, the applicable page number in the burgundy Divine Liturgy book is located above both the right and left doors by the Altar leading to the Vestry and Baptistry.

  • When the light shows green, the congregation stands.
  • When the light shows red, the congregation kneels.
  • When green and red lights are off, you may be seated

If assistance is needed, please ask a member of the Parish Council. 

Parishioners are also encouraged to sing with the Choir, whose real purpose is to lead the congregation in singing the hymns. Also join in the recitation of the Creed which is found on pages 18 and 19 of the second section.

Voghchooyn – Kiss of Peace

During the Divine Liturgy, when the Parish Council members pass the Kiss of Peace in the church, the response from the receiver should be “Orhnyal eh haidnootyunn Krisdosee” (Blessed is the revelation of Christ).

When you give the Voghchooyn, please say “Krisdos e mech mer haydnetsav” (Christ is revealed amongst us).

Confession and Holy Communion

Those faithful who feel spiritually prepared to receive our Lord in the sacrament of Holy Communion are asked to bring their pew books with them to the General Confession and, together with the deacon, are asked to read the confession aloud. The essence to this sacrament lies with the individual(s) offering his or her own confession through the priest to God. In addition to reading the text of the confession, each participant must recall his or her own sins, truly seek God’s forgiveness, and make a commitment to the Lord to strive not to sin anymore. The English confession may be found on page 48 in the burgundy Divine Liturgy book and on page x in the blue Divine Liturgy book found in the pew racks. We urge our parishioners to come forward for confession and Holy Communion through the center aisle.

Other helpful information

We have available personal receivers for the hearing impaired that will enhance your hearing ability during the Badarak and sermon. For assistance, please see a Parish Council member in the Vestibule.

A Reminder – to access our handicap church entrance, follow the Dorian walkway from either the parking lot or to the right of the main doors of the church.

If you know of someone ill or in need of a visit from our Pastor, please contact the church office, 617.354.0632 or by email, office@htaac.org.

There are copies of The Little Golden Bible Storybook , When I Go to Church, and Bible story picture books available in the Vestibule for the youngest members of our congregation to quietly enjoy during church services. We kindly ask that you return them to the Vestibule at the conclusion of church services. 


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