65th Anniversary of Ordination Celebration for Der Mampre Kouzouian

On May 21, 2023, Holy Trinity honored their former pastor Der Mampre Kouzouian on the 65th anniversary of his ordination. In addition to his 65 years of service to the Armenian church, the parish also celebrated his 90th birthday! Following Divine Liturgy was a program that included, generational tributes, musical selections, and videos.  Der Mampre felt the appreciation and love of those he served over the decades, with the Holy Trinity community in attendance along with parishioners from many of the other parishes he has served.

A Letter of Pontifical Blessing and Appreciation was sent to Der Mampre Kouzouian by His Holiness Karekin II, Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians on the occasion of his 65th Anniversary of Ordination.  The Letter of Blessing was brought to Holy Trinity Armenian Church by the Very Rev. Fr. Mesrop Parsamyan, Primate of the Diocese of the Armenian Church of America (Eastern), who was in attendance for the special celebration and presented the letter during the reception in his honor. The letter read, “Dear Der Mampre:  During your long years of pastoral service, you have zealously placed your talents in the service of the spiritual care of our faithful people, thereby earning the love and esteem of both the hierarchy as well as your flock… With particular gratitude, we acknowledge your inexhaustible love for Etchmiadzin, which you have demonstrated during your entire pastoral service…”

“Der Mampre met some truly inspirational people over the years, each of whom strengthened the foundation of his life.  These were all honorable, principled, and Faithful people… and he cherishes them in his prayers every day, and during every Badarak. These are the people who helped prepare him and nurture him to serve the Armenian Church and people. He spent his life    on something far greater than himself that would outlast him and forever define him…” shared Fr. Vasken Kouzouian, Holy Trinity’s pastor and son of Der Mampre.

During the program a beautiful painting was presented to Der Mampre by his grandchildren, Oscar Derderian III, and Alina Kouzouian, painted by local artist Sona Manoukian. The painting captured Der Mampre standing at the altar of the church he served for 25 years.  Musical selections performed by Tenor Yeghishe Manucharyan, and mezzo-soprano Victoria Avetisyan filled everyone with joy and full hearts as Der Mampre was welcomed to the podium with a standing ovation in the Charles and Nevart Talanian Cultural Hall.  Fr. Mampre spoke about the vision he saw that started his journey from the island-nation of Cypress to now standing in the City of Cambridge looking back on his many years of service… “I ask nothing for myself… I ask for the children of Armenia who are battling Cancer, and for the fatherless families of Artsakh soldiers…let us together serve their needs…” ended Fr. Mampre. All funds raised in his honor will benefit children with cancer at the Prof. Yeolian Hematology Center in Armenia and the families of the fallen soldiers of Artsakh.

The celebration came to a close with closing remarks and a blessing from the Primate, Fr. Mesrop Parsamyan, who eloquently stated, “My friends, if you listened to Der Mampre’s remarks, he never once spoke about himself…after 65 years of service, he stood before us today asking that we serve the children and families of Armenia and Artsakh…that’s what it means to be a priest and servant of God…May Der Mampre be forever blessed for his devotion and service to God’s children…”

Holy Trinity Armenian Church wishes to congratulate the Primate on his 20th Anniversary of Ordination and on his upcoming Episcopal Elevation on October 8, 2023.  We wish Fr. Mesrop a long life and Heaven’s blessings.

Click here to view more photos from the event

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