John Bridgeland Speaks at Holy Trinity

On April 27, 2023, notable speaker John Bridgeland came to speak at Holy Trinity as part of the Dr. Michael and Joyce Kolligian Distinguished Speaker Series. We were proud to welcome a man with such accomplishments and attributes including, but not limited to, being Executive Chairman at the Office of American Possibilities, a former public servant in the administrations of President George W. Bush and President Barak Obama, and founder of a handful of non-profits that help all kinds of people across the U.S. He is currently focused on tapping the entrepreneurial talent of Americans to solve public challenges together across political divides.

His talk brought in parishioners as well as non-Armenian members of the community from around the Cambridge and Boston area. His talk came at an appropriate time for this country as he shared unique perspectives on renewing American democracy and challenge the audience to see the value in bringing together differing viewpoints to strengthen our union and dream together, as one nation. Some major points from his talk included civic learning, creating opportunities for service, bridging divides, and implementing methods that ensure elections and news can be trusted by all. People in attendance that night listened with great interest and asked insightful questions during the Q & A portion of the evening. The evening concluded with a reception and book signing by Mr. Bridgeland which gave people the opportunity to discuss their thoughts with one another while enjoying Armenian food and wine.

We thank Valerie and Harvey Kolligian Thayer and Family, and Michael Kolligian for continuing the legacy of their parents in presenting the 7th speaker in this series since its inception in 2000.

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Click here to learn more about John Bridgeland and his work

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