Armenian Christmas Eve Dinner

On January 5, Holy Trinity Armenian Church celebrated the Birth and Revelation of Our Lord Jesus Christ on the occasion of Armenian Christmas.

The celebrations began with Divine Liturgy for Christmas Eve with our former pastor, Der Mampre celebrating the candlelit Badarak with an altar and choir of dedicated parishioners. The sanctuary was filled with the comfort of familiar hymns, prayers, Bible readings, and families coming together, all of which contributed to the warm feeling of the traditional Christmas celebration. Parishioners expressed their admiration for the beauty of the evening Badarak services as they participated in the service.
Following church services, and for the first time in many years, parishioners gathered to enjoy a delicious prime rib dinner with all the trimmings prepared by David Minassian and David Dorian with the help of Cathy Minassian and other wonderful volunteers  including John Marsoobian and George Marootian from the Trinity Men’s Union. The entire event was well received by all in attendance and provided a wonderful occasion for parishioners to spend time laughing and enjoying food together as a church family on the eve of Armenian Christmas.


Click here to see more photos from the event

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