Holy Trinity’s Annual Christmas Bazaar 2022

On December 2nd and 3rd Holy Trinity Armenian Church hosted their annual Christmas Bazaar. As they continued this yearly tradition to ring in the Christmas season, the hall was filled with the aromas of traditional Armenian delicacies, the sound of friends meeting under the Christmas music, and the buzz of activities happening around the Charles and Nevart Talanian Cultural Hall.

This was the first in-person bazaar at Holy Trinity since the beginning of the pandemic. The joy of the Christmas season was present in the hall throughout these two days and could be seen across the faces of all who came to join in on the fun and festivities. Many people of all backgrounds and ages gathered in the hall to enjoy the food, activities, and festive booths from hand decorated wreaths and artists to fresh artisanal honey and wines from Armenia along with much more! People enjoyed all their favorite traditional Armenian foods and pastries and even were able to stock up on fan favorites such as manti or choreg to keep in their freezers for later. Saturday brought lots of fun for the younger bazaar goers with children’s activities being offered and a special visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus in the afternoon!

The hard-working parishioners were encouraged by the volume of people streaming through the doors all day long. The neighbors around the Holy Trinity community attended in larger numbers than ever seen before and added wonderful dimension to the already festive event. It was great to see some Clergy members from around the Eastern Diocese who visited the parish to show support on this special weekend.

Holy Trinity is most thankful for all the bazaar and pre-bazaar workers who spent countless hours making these two days the success it was as well as to our Bazaar Co-Chairs, Gregory A. Kolligian, and Gregory Ekchian who delivered both the traditional favorites and added in new ways of meeting the needs of today’s crowd. Der Vasken described himself as humbled and most appreciative of the efforts the parishioners offered to their church over the months leading up to the Bazaar days. “May God bless them all for their caring hearts and tireless endeavors” he says.

For more photos from the event click here

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