Archbishop Vicken Aykazian Visits Holy Trinity to Ordain Four New Sub-Deacons and Celebrate the Parishioners of the Year

On October 23, 2022, Holy Trinity Armenian Church of Greater Boston welcomed His Eminence Archbishop Vicken Aykazian, Diocesan Legate and Ecumenical Officer. On this day, Srpazan Hayr ordained Robert Dulgarian, Gregory Dorian, Edward Khatchatrian, and Kevork Atinizian to the liturgical rank of Sub-deacon. After celebrating the Badarak, He presided over the Parishioners of the Year Reception and graciously spent time with the parishioners.

On this most memorable Sunday, people filled the Holy Trinity sanctuary to witness the very special ceremony. Each of the men who had the honor of being ordained is very in touch with their Armenian heritage and their faith. From attending Badarak each week, and reading and teaching Armenian literature, to dancing for Armenian dance companies, and participating in Armenian clubs, these men are truly well deserving of this honor. Holy Trinity is so blessed to have such remarkable men serving on our altar each Sunday.

His Eminence, sharing his joy for such a celebration as this, said, “I always think of this altar as among the most beautiful in our diocese, however today I saw its true beauty…it rests in the great number of altar servers who surround it with love and devotion…and today I have the honor of ordaining four of them to the rank of Sub-deacon.”

Following Church services, the celebration continued in the newly renovated Charles and Nevart Talanian Cultural Hall, as Holy Trinity honored two couples as their Parishioners of the Year – Ara & June Hollisian, and Bob & Marilyn Takvorian. Both couples were equally deserving of the honor as they have served the parish with great faith and passion over the years. From serving on parish council, and teaching Sunday school, to baking delicious choreg for events and coordinating our live streams of Sunday Badarak, each couple has dedicated their time and talents to the Holy Trinity community in wonderful ways. “These couples are remarkable examples to all of us as to what it means to be dedicated and devoted…” stressed Vicken Srpazan.

The entire Holy Trinity Church family warmly congratulates the four newly ordained sub-deacons on this honor, as well as the parishioners of the year, and looks forward to their continued devotion to the parish.

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