United in Defense of Artsakh: Holy Trinity’s Fundraiser for Artsakh

Fr. Vasken, the Parish Council and the Holy Trinity Trust Fund have approved a $50,000.00 contribution to the Armenia Fund for humanitarian efforts in Artsakh. We ask you to join us and make a contribution to this critical cause. Whether you donate online or directly to Holy Trinity, your generosity will make an impact.

Please consider making a donation to Holy Trinity’s Fundraiser for Artsakh through Facebook* that directly benefits the Armenia Fund.

Many of you have already donated directly to Holy Trinity for Artsakh and we thank you. Donations by check can be made directly to Holy Trinity Armenian Church with Artsakh written on the memo line of the check.

Thank you for helping us support this cause! We continue to pray for the security of Artsakh and Armenia; and for the safety of every soul who resides in and defends our sacred, historic homeland.

Click here to read an update on Holy Trinity’s fundraising efforts


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