Bronze Sculpture “Genocde” on Long-Term Loan from Armenian Museum of America to Holy Trinity Church

Holy Trinity Armenian Church of Greater Boston has been honored with the care of the bronze sculpture “Genocide” now on long-term loan from the Armenian Museum of America.  The cast bronze sculpture was commissioned in l984 by Dr. Rafik Sarkissian of California.  The artist, Alice Melikian, is a Paris-born Armenian who was trained in Armenia and immigrated to the United States.  The piece depicts a mother seated with a deceased child across her lap – an exquisite and painful representation of Mother Armenia and the land and people lost during the atrocities of the Genocide. It is also the poignant portrayal of a mother’s love.

The sculpture was donated by Dr. Sarkissian to the Armenian Museum of America in December 2000 and was included in an exhibit called Who Today Remembers?  The Armenian Genocide.  It was then on display briefly at the entrance of the Museum in Watertown MA and later shown as part of the Who Are the Armenians? exhibit.  The original intent of the piece was to be sighted outside in a contemplative space.  The Museum offered the sculpture to Holy Trinity last year and worked together with the Church to provide the appropriate placement of the piece.  It is now situated on the eastern side of the complex.

Please join the Holy Trinity family on Mother’s Day, May 12, for an outdoor Requiem and Reception immediately following the Badarak.  Prayers will be offered for the souls of all mothers and their families we have lost during the Genocide.  The newly landscaped remembrance garden will be unveiled.  The hope is that this special sculpture and garden will provide a space for quiet reflection and remembrance for the whole community.


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