Palm Sunday Church Services

Sunday, 3/25/18, 9:00am

Holy Trinity Armenian Church
145 Brattle Street
Church Sanctuary

Cambridge, MA 02138

Event Details



Palm Sunday begins Holy Week,
the Last Week of Christ's Life on Earth   

Morning Services, 9:00 a.m.
Services of Turnpatzek, Sunday School Students, 10:00 a.m.
Divine Liturgy, 10:30 a.m.


Palm Sunday commemorates the last and solemn entry of our Lord into the city of Jerusalem, five days prior to his death.  It was a triumphant occasion for Jesus and his disciples.  The multitude came to welcome him, waving palms and olive branches as symbols of victory and peace, with cries of Hosanna, which is an exclamation of praise reserved for God alone.  In memory of this event, our churches are decorated with palms and olive branches on this Sunday.

The morning will begin with one of the most beautiful and meaningful services in our Church - the "Turnpatsek" or "Opening of the Doors" Service, when we are welcomed back through the doors of the Church after the reflective days of Lent.  Normally conducted at the Altar with a drawn curtain, this Service was originally meant to take place outside the door of the Church. 

Following the "Turnpatsek" Service, our Sunday School students, with palms, will lead the Pastor, Deacons, Altar Servers in a processional around the Sanctuary. 

Learn more about the Turnpatsek Service from the Diocesan "Bread and Salt Series:  Stories from the Armenian Church - Doors of Mercy:  What Lies Behind the Door of the Turnpatsek Service."